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Saimon Mak is the founder and the video/film director of the Colorful Tomorrow Production Company.
Saimon studied Chinese Language and Literature in Hong Kong for his under- graduated education and further his study in the North Media School of Sheffield Hallam University in England and got an MA degree in Television and Film Production.
He established Colorful Tomorrow Production Company in Hong Kong on 2003.
" I’ve been in the moving image world for about 25 years. In the past 20 years, I directed TV Commercials, Government API, Documentary, Corporate Videos, and Dramas etc. To me, each project I want to direct is still a new adventure, full of joys in creativity, beauty and communication. Very human, livable and trendy. I think a director is a bridge linking “big” and “small”. A big vision for any imagination and technology linking a small sensitive heart for even a bit of sound, a water drop or a facial and body expression.  Big crowds of crews, clients and interviewees, linking a small space of my thinking, creating and style alone. I enjoy it very much. "


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